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HD Online Player (Masaan Full Movie In Hindi Hd 1080p ) [Updated] 2022




Director Date Categories Production company DVDs available Online streaming Entertainment companies Producer Genre Sexuality Dr. Lohia Hospital Summary The director brings a question mark at the end of the title to the audience. The setting is the Dr. Lohia Hospital of the early 1980s, when the institution witnessed a spurt of HIV/AIDS cases. This is where a young boy called Dharamchand (Kanhaiya Lal) lives. Dharamchand is fascinated by the doctors who come to visit him at the hospital. He is intensely interested in learning about how the virus is transmitted. He has a friend with whom he has played many tricks. Their friendship is punctuated by fights. So one day when his father arrives with a friend named Nathu Ram, he allows them to meet for the first time. Dharamchand is delighted to see his friend, and he gets over his initial shyness and speaks to him. He is rather surprised to see him reading a magazine called The New Sexualology. In the room where Dharamchand and Nathu Ram are talking, the latter passes a note to the former that is addressed to a doctor called Chaudhary. The note reads, ‘I want to know something about the virus.’ Dharamchand gives the note to the other boy to deliver. But Nathu can’t do it. He soon learns from his father that the note is addressed to Dr. Chaudhary. He is upset and angry. But Dharamchand calms him down. They go home. Dharamchand and his father talk about the note that Nathu Ram passed. Soon, Dharamchand learns that the young girl called Shama (Supriya Pathak) is in love with him. Shama comes to his house to confess her love. This reminds him of the note that Nathu Ram delivered. He confronts his friend who tries to cover up the truth but soon realizes he can’t. Dharamchand is furious at Shama who lies about his love for her. They are in a fight. Dharamchand also learns that there are many other boys like Nathu Ram who are also in love with Shama. Dharamchand is enraged and rejects Shama’s



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HD Online Player (Masaan Full Movie In Hindi Hd 1080p ) [Updated] 2022

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